Jiujitsu for all Levels

At Underdogs Jiujitsu, we believe in teaching in a concept driven and streamlined manner to speed up learning, retention and skills acquisition. Our group classes tend to follow one or more similar themes week to week, month to month, each building on the last in order to build a more well-rounded and skilled student, quicker than the average gym.

Team Training

Each Class starts with a low impact warm up to avoid injuries later on, and then progresses on to a streamlined and focused lesson on technique. We are detail oriented, precise and descriptive, giving each student plenty of time to drill each and every technique that multiple times over. “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” The gym is full of talented students and coaches who can help you if you ever get lost, and there are no stupid questions here, just patient wisdom and learning. The end of class always ends with sparring, or “rolling” in jiujitsu terminology. To “roll” is simply to spar, to grapple with a partner and use any and all techniques available to control, confound and eventually force your partner to surrender, signified by “tapping out”. This unique formula is what makes jiujitsu the most successful and effective martial art in the world, as practitioners can practice at near 100% intensity without fear of injury or injuring a training partner. Simply by having the humility to tap to a superior position, you can learn and improve at a nearly limitless rate of speed, all while having fun, getting fit, and building life-long friendships.

Private Lessons

Often times the greatest asset of our gym, the group setting, can be off putting to a new member at first. We offer private lessons not only for those not yet comfortable with the group setting, but also for those who seek additional attention and knowledge outside of what is being taught in the group class. Private lessons are great for getting ahead faster and for working on areas you need to improve on both in and out of the gym. We offer private lessons not only in jiujitsu but in the basics of kickboxing and American wrestling as well. If fitness is heavy on your mind, we also offer private workouts that center on your cardiovascular and muscular fitness where you will be pushed far beyond what you would normally achieve on your own in a big box gym without a motivated and knowledgeable trainer. From the novice to the advanced Jiujitsu student, private lessons can enhance your understanding of the game, your fitness, technique, and even your knowledge of yourself. Sign up for one today and see the difference private lessons make.

Kids Class

Jiujitsu is often seen as a way not only to learn self-defense, but also one of the main drivers in learning self-respect, respect for others, and most important of all, discipline. Young men and women who grow up with these qualities go on to make better leaders, better employees, better wives and husbands, and better parents themselves. By signing your child up at Underdogs Jiujitsu you are giving them a chance to grow into a better overall version of themselves. We work with parents to engage and improve the lives and wellbeing of children and we take that dedication seriously. Underdogs also believes that the family that trains together not only sticks together but thrives together. As such, we offer a rolling family program discount, we want you to share the journey WITH your children, so that you can improve and learn alongside one another, and share a hobby that will keep you connected to your child for life, not matter how old they get or how far in life they go. Contact us for more information on how we can help you make your child a success at Jiujitsu AND Life.